(These could be introduced with the following forward);


“In the quiet of this very special moment

we pause to give thanks...”


(Choose one or several of the following passages)


for bride and groom and to this happy day, keep them forever in fidelity and love,


for the parents of bride and groom, for their friends we thank them for their help, support and kindness in helping them to prepare for this day and all who have helped them to become husband and wife,


for the world and its peoples, bless them with peace and the protection of love,


for our communities and our families, that they may learn to receive the poor and suffering of this world,


for all who are victims of injustice and for those deprived of love and affection,


for married couples everywhere that their lives will be an example to the world of unity, fidelity and love.  And for single people everywhere, they they experience complete happiness through-out their lives.


for those who mourn while we are rejoicing that in their suffering and loneliness they may experience the strength of their gods’ support,


for the faithful departed and especially for those whom, we ourselves, have loved, that we will one day unite again in the joys of our eternal home,


for the bride & groom, that love may grow deeper each day and may that love strengthen and comfort them on their journey through life together.


for the smiles and laughter of those who have gone before us, who would have loved to share in the joy and happiness of this day.


For those who have travelled to be here today, and we wish them safe passage home














We pray for/think about (the couple), and for the love they have for each other


 We pray for/think about (the couples’) parents who have taught them all about love and being nice to other people


We pray for/think about people who can’t be here with us today.  We miss them and wish they were here.


We pray for/think about all of our families and friends.  We hope that everyone can help and share to support (the couple) for their life together


We pray for/think about other people getting married, and hope that they love each other and their own families and friends


We hope that (the couple) take care of each other for their life together.  That they are nice to each other, and help each other do things around their house.


We hope that (the couple) look after any kids that they have together. That they spoil them with lots of fun things like games and toys. But also teach them about good stuff too


We pray for/think about all the people of the world. And hope that anyone who is sick, gets well.  And anyone who is sad, feels better soon


We hope that everyone can be happy and laugh.  We hope that if someone hurts themselves, that they have someone to help them.  And we hope that we can have a good life.



(Couple):  We thank God and paise Him for bringing us to this happy day

He has given us each other

Now, together, we give ourselves to Him

We ask God to make us one in His love

Keep us in His peace

Protect our marriage

Bless our home

Make us gentle

Keep us faithful

And when life is over, unite us again

Where parting is no more, in the kingdom of His love

There we will praise Him in the happiness and peace of our eternal home



To love is to remember and keep alive forever all those unique qualities that drew you to one another in the beginning.... Those first halting phrases...the thrill of discovery.... That wonderful feeling of oneness when your eyes met.


To love is to constantly search for new ways to bring each other to happiness, to make the most of every moment you share together, and marvel at how your feelings for one another keep rising to new dimensions.


To love is to create an oasis of tranquillity for one another and a quiet place, apart from others, where you need not pretend...where you can be yourselves.... And know within your hearts, you will be accepted by one another.


To love is to greet each day with anticipation...Always eager for another opportunity to share new adventures...And gather up new memories together.


To love is to follow the rainbow through the rain, to be able to laugh at yourselves and be willing to say...."I was wrong, I'm sorry"...To forgive, and more importantly, to forget, and to always believe and trust in one another.


To love is to watch with wonder all the miracles of creation, to find beauty in all the simple things of life, and to find, within ourselves, a deeper appreciation and a new awareness of how wonderful it is to be alive...To be happy...To be together.


To love is to come together from the pathways of our past and then move forward...Hand in hand, along the uncharted roads of our future, ready to risk, to dream, and to dare.... And always believe that all things are possible with faith and love.


May this be a place of mutual support in bearing life's failures and celebrating its successes. May (Bride & Groom) be a source of enrichment and growth for the other, and may their life together be a gift of caring concern for the larger community


May the love of (Bride & Groom) be strong, that no misunderstanding loosen the bond and no passing of the years have power to dim the light that now glows in them. May they early gain wisdom to discern the true values of life, and may no circumstance take from them the wholesome peace and inward satisfaction which only love can give.


May your home be filled with laughter and the warm embrace of a summer day.  May you find peacefulness and beauty, challenge, and satisfaction, humour and insight, healing and renewal, love and wisdom, as in a quiet heart.

May you always feel that what you have is enough.

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