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Are you wanting a completely awesome and personal ceremony?

Are you wanting a  beautiful ceremony which is really special, thoughtful

and has passion?

Congratulations!  You've found us!!

Our ceremonies are personal, romantic, fun, exciting, enjoyable and memorable.  

We can't wait to help you with YOUR Beautiful Ceremony! 

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Are you wanting your WEDDING Ceremony, or an ELOPEMENT Ceremony
to be beautiful?
Do you want a really heart-felt ceremony, filled with lots of love and happiness, to celebrate your amazing relationship?
This amazing ceremony that you are about to start planning is the beginning of a new part of your adventure together!
Our SOLEMNISERS & CELEBRANTS will help you create YOUR perfect moment. 
We have over 10 years of wedding experience - but every single one of our ceremonies is personal and all about YOU.
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You might be celebrating a 
VOW RENEWAL for a special anniversary,
a BABY NAMING for the newest addition in your life -
or a MEMORIAL or FUNERAL to remember a special person who has left you...
We work with families to create a very special moment in the celebration of a life event.   
It's all about being true to the occasion.  We have spent the last 10 years mastering the craft of story telling, and making sure that there is respect and love in abundance.
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Yes, there's serious stuff we need to look at
Can we have a LEGAL MARRIAGE? 
Where can we get married in Ireland? 
How do we apply to the HSE for our NOTIFICATION OF INTENT to Marry?
How far in advance do you need to confirm?
Can you include Religion or have non-religious?
All these important questions you'll probably have about planning your ceremony. 
We'll help you with them all!!   
We talk with couples every day about everything to do with ceremonies.
We've never yet been asked something we can't help with...

Send us a message about YOUR ceremony

photo by Limaconlon

Getting Married in Ireland with A Beautiful Ceremony Romy McAuley