Frequently Asked Questions....

These FAQ's are mainly for
Wedding/Vow Renewal type ceremonies.
(for Funeral/Memorials, see dedicated page)
If there are any questions you have
which are not covered in the below,
please contact us for more information
  • How far in advance should I confirm a Celebrant from A Beautiful Ceremony?
Depending on what type of ceremony you are planning, it is very important that as soon as you have made a decision to have a ceremony, to get in touch with a Celebrant to check availability.
For Wedding ceremonies, many people want to book 12 months in advance, but this is not necessary. As long as a suitable date is available for you both, then we are happy to accept bookings up until 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.  Please contact us directly to discuss.
  • How long does a ceremony usually last?
On average - most wedding ceremonies would be approximately 30-40mins in length.  This will always depend on what elements you choose to include - as timing can be shortened or lengthened as requested.
  • Can we choose specifically who our Celebrant is?
We very much try to accommodate requests for a specific Celebrant.  You will be informed, at time of contacting us, which Celebrant is available, and who would be the person looking after you on the day of your celebration.
  • When can we meet/talk with our Celebrant?
We very much encourage that we arrange to chat or meet really early in the planning process!  It's great for you to know who your Celebrant is, who will be helping you both on your big day.    Correspondence can be over the phone, video call, emails and, of course, meeting in person (where possible).
  • Can we have our ceremony on the weekend?
Yes, Saturday or Sunday – we work seven days a week.  You can also have the ceremony at any time during the day – morning, afternoon or evening.  We only hold one ceremony per day, so the choice is yours as to your starting time.  We will be at your venue about 1½ hrs before start time to get prepared.
  • We're getting married in Ireland. How do we do the legal paperwork? 
You will need to contact the Irish Registrar (HSE) to lodge your "Notification of Intent to Marry".  Notifications can be given only by prior appointment with the HSE Registrar (this can be done via their website/email). 
There is a MINIMUM of three (3) months notice required by law - but couples are advised to contact the Registrar well before the three months of their intended wedding date, to ensure they can get a timely appointment.
  1. ​Once you have arranged your Notification of Intent to Marry (as above), the HSE will provide you with a list of  documentation which you must provide to them at your appointment.
  2. You must also provide the names of two (2) legal Witnesses (over 18 years), their dates of birth, plus the name of your appointed Registered Solemniser of Marriage, as well as the registration fee of €200
  3. Once all approved, the Registrar will issue you with a MRF (Marriage Registration Form).  This document is then passed onto your Solemniser for your ceremony.
  4. Your Beautiful Ceremony will then take place at your chosen location (please note, there are restrictions for legal ceremonies to be held in approved venues - please ask us for more details).
ANY questions in regards to the legal requirements - please contact us and will can go through everything with you!
To find out more about the HSE on their official website HERE
To book your HSE Notification appointment, you can do this online HERE
***NB:  Please ensure that you talk with us first BEFORE giving a name of a Solemniser to the HSE - to ensure you have the correct details for who will be conducting your ceremony at your wedding.
  • What if we complete the legal paperwork before we have our ceremony with A Beautiful Ceremony - for example, in another country? 
If there is any particular reason that you decide to complete legalities before the ceremony with us - that's absolutely fine!  You can, if you want, go through the legality proceedings a day, week or month before the ceremony day.  Many couples decide that, if living outside of the Republic, it can be an easier process to complete the legal paperwork in your country of residence.  
OR, of course, you can look at getting married in Ireland.  See details above, or please ask us and we will help you!
  • Do we get a Certificate at on our wedding day with A Beautiful Ceremony? 
If you are having a legal marriage ceremony - after the ceremony day, once your official paperwork  has been returned to the HSE, you can order an Irish Marriage Certificate directly with them.  You can also order the Certificate online HERE
If you have having a non-legal ceremony - on the day of the celebration, we can have a commemorative certificate printed for you to have on the day.  
  • Where can we hold our ceremony?
Ceremonies can be held in any location through-out Ireland.  You can hold a ceremony in your own home, backyard, a marquee, hotel, castle, beach, or park – where ever you want.
A legal wedding ceremony, however, must be held in a location which has a fixed address, and is open to the public.  So just depending on what type of ceremony you are having, will depend on where you can hold your event!
  • Does it matter what religion we practice?
No. We will work with you in any way that brings joy to your day.  We are Inter or Multi-Faith Celebrants, so are completely open to all faiths & beliefs, therefore, are more than happy to accept any belief to be a part of your ceremony.
  • Are you Humanists or from another organisation?
We are a multi-faith Spiritual group.  We welcome all races and ethnicities.  We welcome all religions, all countries of origin, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all abilities and disabilities, all ages, all faiths... and none.   
We welcome Everyone.
Loving kindness of all beings, creatures, the environment, Our Earth, and the universe.   Our belief is equality, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, understanding and integrity - in our relationships of life and as our core values of our individual and collective group.
(We are not a part of the Humanist Association of Ireland)
  • Can we include elements of different religions and religious traditions in our ceremony?
Yes! These make for interesting, rich, meaningful ceremonies. We work with you to put together a ceremony that truly reflects your wishes. Please note though, in the case of specific religions - it may be that we cannot include performing a specific sacrament (ie communion, mass, etc). But we are quite willing to include wording, readings, music or other traditions into the ceremony schedule where-ever we can.
  • Can we have religious symbols shown during the ceremony?
Yes, you may have any religious effects displayed at the ceremony.
  • Does it matter if either of us have been married before and now divorced?
Of course this does not make any difference to us if this is your 2nd, 3rd or 4th time to get married!  We do not require proof of divorce or annulment (NB: although it would be a requirement for the HSE at the time of your Notification of Intent to Marry, if completing a legal ceremony in Ireland).
  • We have children - can we include them in our ceremony?
If you have children we have meaningful ways to include them in the ceremony!  Your Celebrant will discuss various ways which children can take part - depending on their age, and how much you want them to participate!
  • Can we write our own vows?
Of course! We encourage you to personalize your ceremony as much as you wish. The more you personalize your ceremony, the greater experience it will be for yourselves & your guests. Writing your own vows is such a beautiful way to say exactly the words which you want to proclaim to your beloved.  You don't need to be Shakespeare though - we will help you to put your words onto paper and give you guidance and advice as to how to do just that!
  • Can I make changes to the ceremony that A Beautiful Ceremony writes?
Yes. We have no problems with you using either our examples as a base for your ceremony or you are more than welcome to use other references to create your own draft.  It’s very much a combined collaboration to put your ceremony together!
  • What about last minute requests?
As long as there is room in the schedule, last minute requests and changes to the ceremony are fine. There are often circumstances that require last minute planning. Don’t forget though, if you are planning on having an “Order of Service” or programme printed out for your guests – you will need to take this into consideration for any changes that you make.
  • What about changing dates?
We have no problems changing dates, if an alternative date is suitable & available.  Please see our Terms & Conditions contract regarding this.
  • How is booking confirmed and how is the balance paid?
Your ceremony date is confirmed when we receive a €150 booking fee and a signed copy of our Terms & Conditions contract.  A further deposit payment of €150 is to be made two-months prior to your ceremony date.  And the remaining outstanding balance, is paid at least four weeks in advance of the scheduled ceremony. 
Please ask for a copy of our Terms & Conditions contract for a full detail of the payment schedule.
  • When is the outstanding amount due?
The final payment of any monies owing must be paid prior to the ceremony date.  We request that this is done four weeks prior to the wedding date.  For ceremonies booked within four weeks of the ceremony date – full payment must be made at time of booking.
For more information, to answer any further questions which you both might have - please contact us!

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