Beautiful Ceremonies - Baby Namings & Funerals

Naming Ceremonies
We also help families celebrate other beautiful ceremonies.  Naming Ceremonies are meaningful, special days which are created to honor, cherish and enrich the lives of people who mean so much to us - our children.
To start a life by presenting the newest addition to your family, officially, with their very special and unique name - is a treasured event. 
During your Naming ceremony, we recognize the people who mean so much for your child. Celebrating family and community of friends, acknowledging family history, honoring god-parents and grandparents.  Your Naming ceremony can incorporate any belief, tradition, cultures with modern elements and rituals to create the perfect way to welcome your child into your family.
These ceremonies can be held any day, any time.  You might like to arrange your Naming ceremony for your home, a garden, park, hotel or other venue.  There is no restriction - we will happily conduct the ceremony wherever you choose it to be.  The important thing is, that you, your beautiful baby (or babies!) enjoy this moment together.  
A Naming Ceremony does not necessarily need to be with a "baby"... we have had many naming ceremonies where the honored person is beyond the "baby" stage in life!
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We personally write each individual ceremony - giving you guidance and assistance to help you choose elements which we can include.  Incorporating beautiful readings, prayers, psalms, rituals, music and personal touches to create a very meaningful and genuine ceremony. 

If you wish, family and friends can be encouraged to share and participate with their own words during the ceremony.  Or, we can say all the words for you - giving you all an opportunity to peacefully reflect and remember.


Our Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies

are beautiful celebrations of Love & Life.

Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies
Forever in our Hearts
Creating a touching Funeral or Memorial service can be a very emotional time for a family. 
But saying farewell to a loved one does not need to be a sad or solemn occasion.
When family and friends are dealing with their own grief, it can be a daunting and challenging time to plan and put together a Funeral or Memorial ceremony.  This is the moment where we can support, help and guide you with our professional, experienced and fully trained celebrants.
Having one of our celebrants on hand can help you have a relaxed, pleasant and stress-free ceremony.
Our Funeral & Memorial ceremonies are based upon unique stories, experiences and memories. 
The essence of the ceremony is based around the life of the deceased - along with family and friends.  We talk with you and those involved to gain knowledge and life stories about your loved one.